Renfrewshire Ladies' County Golf Association was founded in 1909 along with Ayrshire, Dumbartonshire, Argyllshire and Lanarkshire and many other counties in Scotland.

Dumbartonshire was changed to Dunbartonshire in the 1920's - To read more click on the book below.

Ladies born or living in what is defined by the Scottish Golf as Renfrewshire County are eligible for membership of the Association, as are members of Golf Clubs situated in Renfrewshire and affiliated to Scottish Golf.

There are 25 Clubs within the County of Renfrewshire.

Centenary Book

This 200 page book covers the history of the Renfrewshire Ladies' County Golf Association and and their Centenary Celebrations both in Renfrewshire and around Scotland. Everyone that took part in the Centenary Celebrations are included in the book which has over 400 photographs in it.

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Centenary Poem

by Ruth Henderson (Williamwood) read at the 2009 Centenary Dinner

Once upon a time – good stories all begin that way
Into existence came the famous RLCGA
Way back in 1909 our county started out anew,
Alas there are no records until 1932.

At that year's AGM – well the attendance was quite good,
They came from Cowglen, Elderslie and also from Eastwood,
From Fereneze and Gourock, Greenock, Kilmacolm and Haggs,
From Paisley, Old Ranfurly and from Renfrew and Whitecraigs.

The venue for the spring meeting in 1932
Was Western Gailes – and much enjoyed – well I should think so too!
So listen up committee – and in no time you could boast
Increasing entries – just arrange a jolly at the coast!

In 1933 a county tie cost 3/6
And also in that year Ranfurly Castle joined the mix,
In 1935 Cathcart, East Ren and Williamwood
Plus Cochrane Castle and Erskine – all joined this happy brood.

Throughout the war years all agreed that there would be no play,
And the Rosebowl and the Blythswood trophy were both locked away,
Post war – Mrs Hamilton, the secretary, retired
She'd only served for 30 years – no wonder she was tired!

Another former secretary – Peggy Clark by name,
Recalled a time at Cruden Bay – a county final game,
Dense fog descended so she ventured forward - as you do,
And every time the course was clear to play – she yelled YOOHOO!!

In 1947 Whitecraigs golf club had agreed
That the september medal could be played there – but they'd need
A green fee of some 2/6 per member for a start
So the committee said “ Nae chance!” and opted for Cathcart!

In '54 the team were winners of the county shield
The first time that had happened – at Gleneagles it was sealed,
The county captain – Mrs. Shuker – praised the ladies play,
Team captain – Mrs Drummond – hoped success was here to stay.

Well, maybe she was psychic – cos our team enjoyed a run,
We won the shield from '56 till 1961,
Apart from '58 – but disappointment was made up
When Dorothea Sommerville was picked for Curtis Cup!

The seventies arrived and trouser suits were voted fine,
260 was the limit placed on numbers who could join,
The Rose bowl, one year - won by Anne Macleod, went on and on,
It wasn't till the 55th hole that the match was won!

Then came the eighties and twice more we won the county shield,
We obviously had the bestest golfers in the field!
Maureen Richmond, Wilma Aiken were– I'm glad to say -
Made honorary members of the RLCGA.

Said Wilma , in the Riccarton rose bowl in '81,
Achieved a record which, I think, has never been outdone,
Her second round had 9 straight birdies – which you will agree-
Is 8 more than the average achieved by you and me!

The nineties saw the advent of pre-balloting for games,
And on the whole I think that it was welcomed by us dames,
What wasn't welcomed ladies – and it didn't go down well,
Was that horrid, hated handicapping system straight from hell!

There's many of you think the game's no longer so much fun,
With everybody scrambling to avoid that damned point one!
And yet we've come to terms with it – in spite of all its flaws,
Sometimes we're even hard pushed to recall the way it was!

The first dinner with a speaker was arranged by Mrs. Mack,
And let me tell you Jennifer – you'd better watch your back!
This item in the programme should be yours I have to say,
But muggins here got lumbered – cos you said you'd be away!!!

And then the new millenium arrived with much ado,
But still the numbers entering the medals was too few,
Carol Fell computerised the entries and each score,
And organised a web site – who could ask for any more?

Our team's continued to perform real well in competition,
And sponsorship has been secured to help us in our mission,
All the courses have been rated here in Renfrewshire
And well within the time scale that we thought we would require.

So there we are girls – up to date – our journey from the past,
In order not to bore you all I've covered it quite fast!
Some items I've omitted 'cos there simply wasn't time,
And others were left out because I couldnae make them rhyme!!

I hope that you've enjoyed meandering back through all the years
Remembering the times gone past – the laughter and the tears,
Good friends you've made ; good friends you've lost ; life goes on just the same,
And binding us together is our passion for the game..

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